About Edit

According to Kitty, Glam types love bling, excess and celebrity related stuff ... OMG!

Glam women are often seen wearing lots of jewelry, dramatic makeup and fur. Glam types are easily recognizable by their clothes, hair and appearance. Try talking to them about celebrities, money or clothes; they will probably enjoy it.

Interests: Edit

  • Circuit training
  • Expensive Shoes
  • Ham radio
  • Lavish parties
  • Penthouse Suites
  • Playing games
  • Spending Money
  • Smartphones
  • Stiletto Heels


Great: Edit

  • Cute Animal Calendar
  • Green Mankini
  • Mini Disco Ball
  • Orchid
  • Platinum Necklace
  • Titanium Wristwatch
  • Unicorn Toy
  • Pink cowgirl hat

Good: Edit

  • Executive Desk Toy

Bad: Edit

  • Ethnic Beaded Necklace
  • Japanese Twig
  • Jar of Humbugs
  • LED keyfob
  • Sarcastic Mug
  • Skull Ring
  • Wood Phone Case


  • Action Figure
  • Bicycle Pump
  • Black Rose
  • Haiku Poetry
  • Jump Rope
  • Nerd Humor Mug
  • Pedometer


  • Matchmaker
  • Pro snooker player
  • Chat show host
  • Bank Clerk

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