Title role of the game and drag-queen persona of the game developer Richard Franke.

Once you reach level 20 your only client will be Kitty Powers herself. Upon successfully matching Kitty with a candidate the player will receive this message:

"Great Job fixing me up with that hottie. I'm a happy bunny!

And you've done so well with dragging this agency out of dumps that I'v got a new assignment for you for you!

Pack your bags 'Name', you're off to another town to turn that into a love hub as well!"


Appearance: Edit

Kitty's default apperance is: 

Black Hair with pink highlights, green eyes, a pink pussycat bow dress and pink earrings.


  • Fancy Cocktails
  • Stiletto Heels
  • Drag Queens
  • Green Eyes
  • Dark Brown Hair


  • Relaxed
  • Methodical
  • Social
  • Experimental
  • Spice


  • Bad Habit - Nose Picking
  • Guilty Pleasure - App Development

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