Let's you unlock new restaurants, get extra pages in "Kitty's Black Book" and expand the salon.


  • Jerk King (Jamaican, Easy)
  • Route 69 (American, Easy)
  • The King's Helmet (British, Easy)
  • Mother's Tucker (Australian, Easy)
  • Chateau d'Escargot (French, Medium)
  • Mario's Mansion (Italian, Medium)
  • El Toro Picante (Spanish, Medium)
  • Sausage Factory (German, Medium)
  • Rainbow Roadhouse(South African, Medium)
  • Greek Lightning (Greek, Medium)
  • The Spice is Right (Indian, Hard)
  • Thai Me Up (Thai, Hard)
  • Miyu's Lotus Garden (Japanese, Hard)
  • Peking Tom's (Chinese, Hard)
  • Three Vikings (Swedish, Hard)

Kitty's Black Book:Edit

  • Bad Habits
  • Guilty Pleasures


  • Hair Color
  • Hair Style
  • Facial Decor
  • Outfits
  • Gifts

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